Outer Wilds


  • Developer: Mobius Digital
  • Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
  • Release: Windows, Xbox One – May 28, 2019; PlayStation 4 – October 15, 2019; PS5, Xbox Series X/S – September 15, 2022
  • Genre: Action-adventure
  • Mode: Single-player


“Outer Wilds” is a 2019 action-adventure game developed by Mobius Digital and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game features the player character exploring a solar system stuck in a 22-minute time loop that ends with the star going supernova. The player progresses through Outer Wilds by exploring the solar system and learning clues to the cause of the time loop. Outer Wilds received critical acclaim and several Game of the Year awards, including at the 16th British Academy Games Awards. The game received an expansion, Echoes of the Eye, in 2021.


The central premise of the game is exploration, with the player compelled to uncover the remains of the Nomai civilization to find the cause of the time loop and complete the game. All areas of the game are technically immediately accessible to the player upon acquiring the ship launch codes, however many areas are protected by logic puzzles which can often only be solved through learning more of the Nomai and speaking to fellow space explorers. The player character has health, fuel, and oxygen meters, which are replenished when the character returns to the ship or by finding trees or refills. The player has several tools, including a camera probe which can be launched long distances and a signalscope for locating broadcast signals. There are no equipment upgrades during the game.


The player takes the role of an unnamed space explorer preparing for their first solo flight. After being involuntarily paired with a statue on their home planet made by the Nomai, an ancient and mysterious race that had once colonized the system, the player discovers they are trapped in a time loop. Every loop resets when the sun goes supernova after 22 minutes, or when the player-character otherwise dies.


“Outer Wilds” was developed by Mobius Digital and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game was built using the Unity engine.


The game was highly praised for its unique gameplay mechanics and compelling narrative. It won several awards, including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.